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Bonjoro helps you collect powerful video and text testimonials from customers, then easily publish them across your marketing channels.

Bonjoro lets you create a customer-friendly testimonial request form that you can share via hyperlink, making it simple to collect feedback from your biggest fans.

You can choose between video or text responses and add up to six unique questions to get the ball rolling.

And as you make changes, you’ll be able to view the request form from your customer’s perspective in real time.

Testimonial request form


Effortlessly collect feedback from customers with a testimonial request form.

Wish you could organize your customer reviews? Bonjoro is packed with features to help you store, share, and tag your testimonials.

You’ll get email notifications whenever customers submit testimonials, and you’ll also be able to view the number of new responses from your dashboard.

Plus, it’s a cinch to tag individual responses to specific questions, so your entire team can sort and filter through testimonials in a snap.



Bonjoro gives you everything you need to organize all your testimonials in one place.

Once your testimonial is ready, you’ll be able to easily display it on your site using Bonjoro’s “Wall of Love” feature.

All you have to do is copy the embed code, paste it into your website manager, and you’re good to go!

You can display all testimonials or filter through testimonials by tags, so you’re only sharing feedback from your happiest customers.

Wall of Love


With Bonjoro, you can create a “Wall of Love” to highlight and share your best testimonials.

Best of all, Bonjoro lets you update new testimonials on your site’s Wall of Love without using any developers.

You can also download your testimonials and share them on other channels including emails and social media platforms.

Plus, you can add your testimonial request links to your email automations to collect testimonials from customers at the right time.

Wall of Love Live


You'll be able to embed and update your Wall of Love with new, relevant testimonials.

Getting your customers to leave reviews shouldn’t feel like you’re pulling teeth. (“This hurts me more than it hurts you.”)

Good thing Bonjoro helps you collect high-quality testimonials that you can proudly display across your website, emails, and social media accounts.

Let your customers speak for themselves.

Get lifetime access to Bonjoro Testimonials today!


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