Trolly – Automate SEO content writing with AI


Trolly is an AI content generator that helps teams produce and publish SEO content at scale.

Trolly’s AI-powered SEO content wizard helps you create SEO articles with step-by-step instructions.

Simply enter the topic and major keywords to generate well-researched article outlines for your content calendar.

You’ll be able to choose the length of your articles, from 1,500 words for short content to 5,500 words for in-depth pieces.

Plus, you can create articles in more than 10 languages to reach a global audience without spending extra money on translation services.

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SEO content generator


Generate SEO articles by simply following the content wizard’s step-by-step instructions.

Generate content in bulk to maximize your content output without breaking the bank or breaking a sweat!

You can set a publishing schedule for bulk articles, making it easy to post them all immediately or roll content out over time.

All your articles are passed through a grammar checker to ensure quality output while saving time on editing.

And before your content goes live, you’ll be able to jump in and tweak your articles with the in-app editor.

Bulk content generation


Publish dozens of articles per day with the bulk generation feature.

Store all your content on one platform, so you’re able to manage everything without digging through folders and emails.

From the dashboard, you can keep tabs on all your campaigns, monitor your content volume, and see how they’re performing.

Trolly lets you add multiple team members to your account to ensure collaboration feels totally seamless.

Store content


Organize and manage all your content right from your Trolly dashboard.

No need to manually post anymore! You can integrate Trolly with your WordPress site to publish content directly.

This AI content generator also integrates with Zapier, which means you can connect with thousands of apps to support your workflow.

You can even use an API to integrate Trolly’s AI-powered content creation into your in-house tools, website, and apps.



Integrate Trolly with your website, apps, and in-house tools.

With AI on your side, high-quality content becomes second nature. (“You could say it’s my middle name. Just don’t Google that.”)

Trolly makes creating SEO content a breeze with bulk generation, built-in editing, document management, and Zapier integrations.

Lock in more SEO content.

Get lifetime access to Trolly today!


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