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Howuku Optimize is a CRO platform that helps you launch simplified tests and deploy live variants on your website.

Even if they’re not coding geniuses, Howuku Optimize makes it easy for your entire team to apply changes directly to your website and set up experiments.

Want to flex your coding skills? You can use the CSS and Javascript code editor to fine-tune experiments and get research-backed insights on your layout.

Plus, you’ll even get AI-based text recommendations for your website copy, so that you can launch your test in minutes.

Content and code editor

Effortlessly launch experiments using Howuku Optimize’s visual content and code editor.

Howuku Optimize is packed with features to bridge the void in the CRO market once Google Optimize disappears.

The multi-armed bandit optimization helps you consider the benefits and losses of multiple testing options, so you can maximize the success of experiments during and post-test.

Once you identify the best-performing variant, you can automatically deploy the winning strategy in real time.

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Multi-armed bandit optimization

Maximize conversions for your clients with multi-armed bandit optimization.

Need a survey? Just describe your research goal and then watch the AI create survey questions to collect quality feedback.

As visitors browse through your website, you’ll be able to send pop-up surveys to capture more insights stress-free.

Howuku Optimize also offers powerful AI features that reveal insights about your analytics and turn survey feedback into clear, concise summaries.

Survey generator

Get valuable user feedback with an AI-powered survey generator and summarization tool.

When you’re done, Howuku Optimize will let you download and share experiment summaries with your clients.

Customize reports and choose relevant metrics for your project, so you can effectively highlight the impact of your experiment results.

Best of all, you’ll be able to configure unlimited goals and metrics, letting you run as many tests as you want to.


Customize reports by adding key metrics, client-focused insights, and each experiment’s impact.

It’s hard to improve your website when you barely understand your analytics. (“I'll say this: it’s statistically insignificant but emotionally super significant.”)

Good thing Howuku Optimize makes it easy to launch site experiments and deploy live variants to deliver the insights you need to boost conversions.

Ramp up your conversions.

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