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Interactly.video is a platform that helps you create interactive video forms for lead generation, so you can boost conversions.

Interactly.video makes it easy to build interactive video forms for any use case, complete with branching paths for different responses, all without any coding!

This platform supports various question types, including single-choice, multiple-choice, and short-answer.

Visitors will be able to upload rich media like videos, images, and documents to dynamically respond to your forms.

Plus, you can embed a booking calendar right into your video so your prospects can schedule appointments without clicking out.

Interaction Builder


Build out interactive video forms with complex branching paths to cater to any viewer.

Interactly.video is packed with professionally designed themes to instantly change the look and feel of your interactive videos.

Edit or even create themes to reflect your brand’s personality, from colors and fonts to numbering and organization.

You’ll even be able to add your brand’s logo and call-to-action buttons for that professional touch.

Get lifetime access to Interactly.video today!

Video designer


Customize your interactive video to match your branding.

Thanks to Interactly.video’s HTML5 support, you can host your video content on any website, including WordPress, Wix, and Shopify.

From there, you can share your video via an embedded iframe, a call-to-action button, or even as a corner chat widget.

Best of all, your video forms will be mobile-responsive and scale to any user’s device, letting your prospects can watch content on the go.

Mobile responsive


Your interactive video forms can be viewed on any device or resolution.

Check out the Analytics tab to see how many visitors, interactions, and lead forms each video has received.

And because Interactly.video stores all user responses and details, you can see all the answers your video has collected.

Plus, you can integrate the platform with any app via Zapier and connect this data to your favorite workflow tools like Salesforce, Mailchimp, and Airtable.



Add Interactly.video to your sales and marketing workflows via Zapier.

With a little help, you can churn out interactive videos that bring all the leads to the yard—or, the checkout page.

Interactly.video gives you everything you need to create interactive, mobile-responsive video forms and convert more visitors into leads.

Upgrade your video marketing.

Get lifetime access to Interactly.video today!

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