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Bixpand.ai is an all-in-one marketing platform that generates leads, manages contacts, converts deals, and tracks sales activities.

Bixpand.ai is packed with tools for lead generation, sales, and workflow management all in one place, so you can centralize your marketing efforts.

Choose from more than 200 email and landing page templates to effortlessly design every step of the customer journey.

Want to get more qualified leads? You’ll be able to review the success of your email outreach, including link and click performance.

Plus, you can even build custom, automated marketing flows to engage your target audience via email and text without lifting a finger.

Landing page templates


Choose from over 200 landing pages and email templates to jumpstart your design process.

Bixpand.ai has tons of sales features to help your business grow, letting you build custom sales pipelines and monitor every deal.

You can capture and communicate with leads directly from your website using meeting features integrated with the platform’s built-in CRM.

And thanks to the platform's AI capabilities, you’ll be able to schedule appointments and respond to leads super fast.

Sales features


It’s a cinch to build custom sales pipelines right from your dashboard.

Bixpand.ai also makes it easy to keep tabs on projects—not only on your own tasks but also your entire team’s.

You can view team activity and get a summary of completed work, maintaining their productivity throughout projects.

Create and prioritize tasks, events, milestones, and bugs, and then assign them to the right team members in one click.

You’ll also be able to automate repetitive tasks to save time and focus on the things that matter most.

Task management


Track and prioritize project tasks for your entire team.

You can store customer data and documents in the built-in CRM so your team can collaborate on projects easily and keep deals flowing.

View the status and information of all your leads and accounts on a single dashboard, where you can also import new contacts.

Because you’ll be able to effortlessly segment records or update contacts in bulk, you can say buh-bye to manually collecting lead data on a clunky spreadsheet.



Manage all your leads and accounts on one powerful CRM.

You shouldn’t have to sink dollars into a bunch of one-hit-wonder tools just to keep your business running. (“Turns out, none of these are sparking joy.”)

Lucky for you Bixpand.ai gives you everything you need to keep the deals flowing, from lead magnets to pipelines and project management.

Simplify your sales processes.

Get lifetime access to Bixpand.ai today!



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